Find Me Quiz

What is FindMeQuiz?

For the Contestant

FindMeQuiz is a trivia game that will test your knowledge and challenge your quick thinking skills!

Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponent?  Can you input your answers faster than they can?  If you answer yes, you have the ability to win the prize!

The game will allow you to search the web to gain product knowledge in order to unlock your trivia question. Once you answer your required number of product and trivia questions all you have to do is submit your time and beat out your opponents.

Sounds simple huh?  So, are you ready to win?  Let’s get started! 

All you have to do is sign up and play. 

For the Advertiser

FindMeQuiz is an internet marketing tool that brings web traffic to your website and your selected services/products. 

How much do you pay for a billboard, television commercial, radio ad, mailing list or countless other advertising products?  What if we could bring you web traffic that allows you to advertise your services/products on your website and cut out the expensive other forms of advertising?  Well, we can!

Our site will send our contestants/users to your website as a means of unlocking a trivia question on our site.  They will have to answer a question about your selected products/services and this will help you showcase whatever products/services you are trying to promote at the time. FindMeQuiz will maintain a game website that will link both consumers and merchandisers. A comprehensive resource center/directory will be maintained for each consumer group to help identify products, strategies, and resources that will enhance shopping experiences.At we focus our energy, people, technology, and intellectual capital on producing internet gaming solutions. We are working hard to merge many different corporate cultures into one industry-leading firm. We are dedicated to extending our service and projected global capacities in order to meet both current and evolving demands of our current and future client base.

To get more information go to the contact us page and someone will contact you soon.


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